Investment Opportunities

Here you will find numerous investment opportunities, starting at just $25. While this does not constitute any recommendation of these investments, ALL of these opportunities I myself have invested in and these are options available for non-accredited investors. All investments involve some degree of risk and all investors should perform their own due diligence on the investments, as well as their individual risk tolerance.

Alternative Assets


  • Invest in Cacao, Coffee and Belize Real Estate!

  • Invest in the world's 2nd most traded commodity!

Invest in Cashflowing Citrus farms in Paraguay!

The 1% have invested in wine for years.  Isn’t it time you should too?  Safely stored and insured for stable returns!

Biz Startups

Invest in local businesses on Main Street, not Wall Street.

What if you could invest in business startups like Mr. Wonderful on the Shark Tank?  Now you can!


One of the most popular and secure platforms to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency.

Own Bitcoin?  Earn interest on it!  Need money but don’t want to SELL your Bitcoin?  Take out a loan with your crypto as collateral!

You’ve probably gotten cash back for shopping before.  But what if you could get BITCOIN back for your purchases?


Invest in real estate debt and equity syndications across the United States!

  • Have paid out over $160 MILLION in distributions to their investors!

Precious Metals

  • Start small with fractional precious metals ownership, vault secured and audited!

Buy, sell and store your precious metals securely overseas or join their P2P program!

Notes and Lending

  • Up to 10% return, paid monthly, invest with as little as $100!

Invest in Residential and Commercial loans across the US.  Receive dividends every few days!

I will admit, I was skeptical at first with 15% returns, but with minimum investment at $50 and terms as short as 9 months, I think it offers a good risk/reward.

  • A great resource to help investors buy and sell mortgage notes

Invest as a first lien position holder on value add development projects in the US!  up to 12% returns, terms as short as 9 months and a PERFECT investment for your Specialized Trust account!

  • Invest in real estate without the hassle of property management!

  • Start investing in notes for as little as $25!

Earn 5% on your Worthy Bonds, investments starting at just $10!

Stocks and Options

Learn to safely and profitably use options to grow and protect your stock portfolio!

Sofi allows you to buy and sell shares of stocks, commission free. You can even buy FRACTIONS of a stock, as low as a $1 under their Stock Bits platform.

  • Trade stocks and options commission free!

Wealth Vehicles

  • Learn how to grow and protect your wealth and lower your taxes like I have since 2016

  • Tons of free resources on Whole Life Insurance

  • Self direct your 401k, IRA or H.S.A. and invest in more than stocks and mutual funds!


  • Play the Cashflow game online!

Turnkey Providers, Promoters and Information

  • One of the first turnkey companies, managing over 2,000 properties in Memphis and Little Rock!

  • Where I bought my first turnkey, serving Birmingham and Huntsville!

  • Numerous resources for turnkeys nationwide!

    • Get access to information on over a dozen turnkey real estate markets!

Preferred Lenders

a SUPERB Customer service team that I currently have 5 loans with!

  • Work with the number 1 lender for real estate investors in the US!

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